Flip Effect Using Jquery and CSS

Guys in this post I will be discussing a way to create coin flip animation using JQuery and CSS only.
The method which I will be showcasing in a while can also be implemented without JQuery but that would increase your amount of code and complexity considerably. The main trick is to rotate the html element (an image in my case) degree by degree for multiples of 360 so that you can have your original state back.

Here is My Code :-

Numeric to word currency converter (Indian Number System)

Few days back at my work there arouse a need of converting integer currency to its respective word form or sentence form. 

I developed the following  code in PHP to do the same. It works for Indian Currency and can manipulate values upto 999 crores.

Heres the code

Best Rock - All Time

In this post I will be stepping aside from the techie posts and bring to you what I consider to be the best Rock Songs which I have heard till now.

1.    Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) 
This arguable the best song I have heard till now in all genres. Nice subtlety with great music and beautiful lyrics. Music could not get better than this.

2.    Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve)
This is one song which I will never get tired of listening. Another beautiful song bringing in great lyrics and astounding music together.


Creating Password Protected Hidden Folder without Additional Software (Windows)

We all have valuable data which we like to protect and hide from the eyes of others working on the same PC. There are many ways of this like hiding it from folder options or creating user permissions or using some file safe software. My method is pretty straightforward and does not involve any of the following methods listed above. The main advantage of this trick is that when the folder is locked then there is no way to access this folder without unlocking it.Content in it does not show up in any kind of search while locked.

I came across a script quite a long time back which does the above mentioned task by creating a folder named locker. Running the script when the folder is visible will lock the folder and make it non existent. Running the script when the folder is hidden will unlock the folder if provided with the correct password. The script is as follows.

Making Life Easy and Anonymous

Here are few softwares which I recommend everyone to use to save time reduce there Internet footprints.


For those of you who are addicted to Google Chrome , this is a perfect software for you people. It brings in Chrome like tabs in Windows Explorer usually integrating most of the keyboard shortcuts as well. It even provides with the feature of storing your disk locations which you visit most as bookmarks looking same as bookmarks of Google Chrome.

Web Report Generation made easy

With every management system you need good reporting tools and by reporting tools I mean tools which help you in creating beautiful and functional reports requiring minimal coding and very less user effort on the front end. Here is where JQueryDatatable comes in. If you need table functionality in your website and you do not want to write code for table functions like sorting, styling, searching , paging ,exporting etc. JQuery Datatables is your blessing in disguise. 

Coming on to my project , I needed to generate custom reports according to user's needs from a master report containing everything . My approach was as follows : I extracted all the required data from my database , bind that data with a normal HTML table and then applied JQuery Datatable to it. With that I got the functionality to hide columns on specific events , sort table column wise automatically on header click ,add and remove rows dynamically and refresh the table with new source without reloading the whole page. 

Playing With TELERIK

For those of you who don't know what Telerik is, it is a framework for multiple platforms which brings in advanced visual features and ease up your programming stress by giving you neater and cleaner representation with a lot less amount of code.

One feature that  I like most of Telerik framework for ASP.Net is form validation using input manager. It can be used to automatically validate input text using various modes like numeric,currency and date time. It does everything for you by restricting user from entering invalid data and stoping the page postback. The way it displays error is just beautiful and saves lot of space on the form too.

Being up-to-date

So I am back with a post after being in hibernation for a while. Truth to be told a lot was going on in my life and I could not find time for writing, but here I am. In this post I would be talking about some new products and services that have been launched for the masses which are worth your time.

First one is the recently launched Email Service Outlook . It is the new web email client launched by Microsoft which would be taking over the Microsoft's Hotmail service as a successor. It has a clean neat interface particularly built to match the design caliber of Windows 8. Besides neat interface it also has messenger services and options of integrating Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with your outlook account (which i think even existed in Hotmail but were a bit clumsy) . It has already got a million users in the first hour of its launch and these numbers are rising steadily. It is a good competitor of Gmail which is know for its superior services and elegant interface.

Speed Up IRCTC Ticket Booking - Tips & Tricks

Booking Train tickets from the IRCTC website specially tatkal tickets is a quite an accomplishment in itself. You can either depend on your luck for being fast enough to open the page and adding all the details or be smart and let the computer do the same for you. 

Every time we book a train ticket, one thing that is common is entering username and password to open up Plan My Travel page. Earlier we could use inbuilt browser features to save the username and password, and let it fill in the details itself but nowadays IRCTC has disabled auto complete feature in the website. So my solution here is a Script that runs every time you open the IRCTC page, adds in your username and password and submits it to take you directly to Plan My Travel page. No complex procedures, nothing.

Remove Streamride Ads from every website you visit

So guys I got annoyed by those Streamride Ads which were embedded by my Internet Service Provider in every page I visit. In my other blog post (link) I discussed ways of restricting these Ads from loading up. These ways used to work earlier but now a days, even those methods have stopped working for me.

The Ad would look something like this in the source of the webpage.

<div id="sTREAMrIDE" class="9;14"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ui.streamride.net/ui.js"></script>

Finally Gingerbread --> Ice Cream Sandwich

29th May was the day I have been waiting for since I brought my Galaxy S2. Whats special about 29th May? It is the day when Samsung rolled out ICS update for India based carrier unlocked Galaxy S2(GT-I9100) via Kies and OTA(On the Air). After the update  spent some time on noticing the User Interface changes that has been included in this upgrade and this post is dedicated for the same.

Pocketdroid.net to Dailymobile.se : The transition

For those of you who don't know, I used to review Android apps and games for PocketDroid and now i will be continuing the good work for DailyMobile both the jobs being voluntary though. Initially  I used to write articles which were viewed by around 2-3k people in a day at max, but now with dailymobile.se my articles are being viewed by more than 30K people in a day. Now for me that's a pretty good reason to switch sites. Both the sites employed WordPress so didn't have to undergo any difficulty in adapting to the new circumstances. So whats in store next? I am thinking of developing an Android App for dailymobile.se mostly an RSS reader. So stay tuned....

Hello Everyone

So guys here I am with my own blog . This is my first post on it and hopefully I would keep on posting interesting things on it in future. So stay tuned and enjoy...